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Special Report:
Flood Crisis

Floods and resilience of nation 1 Pakistan rain / flood 2011 1 Pakistan - Floods Impact Profile
 Floods and resilience of nation 1  Pakistan rain / flood 2011 1
WHILE Pakistan was still grappling with last year’s devastating floods that marooned one-fifth of the country, it has again been hit.... FULL STORY
More News
• Repaired canals unlikely to sustain floods
• Roads not rebuilt in flood-hit villages
• Flood survivors still suffer in KP
• Report of Flood Inquiry Commission
• Sunflower farming in flood-hit areas
• Sindh Irrigation Dept fails to repair dykes
• Flood commission report be implemented
Report on Flash floods, breaches in canals and damage to infrastructure & agriculture sectors in Sind Province .... FULL STORY


 List of rivers of Pakistan
List of rivers of Pakistan
Recent Reports
Farmlands inundated by flood waters
MORE areas in Dadu and Jamshoro districts inundated by floodwater will make it impossible for growers to sow crops in the coming Rabi season. The entire right bank area is expected to make...Detail
Horticulture losses in Swat
More than a billion people in the world do not have access to safe drinking water, a basic necessity of life. In Pakistan alone, 38.5 million people lack access to safe drinking water and 50.7 million...Detail

i) Why is agriculture so important to the Pakistan response plan following the
    recent floods?

ii) What information is available on crop damage and losses?
1 1
  • Authorities warn of more floods
   as heavy rains fall

An army helicopter drops relief supplies at a heavily flooded area of Rajanpur. Up to 3.5 million children at risk of deadly diseases Up to 3.5 million children at risk of deadly diseases .... FULL STORY

 • Repair of dykes in full swing
 • The economic impact of devastating floods
 • Out of the box solution for controlling floods
 • Breaches threaten Sindh town
 • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa farmers await relief
 • Flood-hit people complain of inadequate help
 • Punjab Flood Inquiry completes

 • Punjab Flood Inquiry completes
 • KP gears up to meet flood threat
1  • Floods destroy crops, could cost billions
 • Diamer-Bhasha Dam project on the back burner
 • Diamer-Bhasha Dam project on the back burner
 • Repair Kirther Canal immediately: SC
 • Tough road to post-flood recovery
 • ADB, govt to rebuild infrastructure
 • Punjab flood report put under wraps
 • Flood-hit Children smile as classes relaunced
 • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa farmers await relief

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