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Special Report:
Flood Crisis


Roads not rebuilt in flood-hit villages

Flood Crisis Home

KANDHKOT, August 04, 2011: Hamid Malik village was the first casualty in last summer’s flash floods when river water overtopped Tori bund.

One year later, a three-kilometre road which connects this and many other villages with Kandhkot city and Indus Highway awaits repair.

Villagers say an alternative route is insecure as bandits rule the area and rob them when they pass through the area.

Several villagers still live in makeshift tents after losing their katcha houses – situated in and outside the riverbed area. The poverty-stricken inhabitants have not been provided alternate accommodation, as yet.


They till the land of influential landlords who have acquired lease of huge compartments of forest lands in katcha area on nominal rates as river land is considered more fertile. Last floods increased the fertility as Indus brought in heavy silt deposits but financial condition of these tillers remains unchanged.

Hamid Malik village is located close to Tori bund and was inundated within 30 minutes after water overtopped the dyke due to fragile embankments and years of neglect. Around 100 houses were situated there, of which 50 caved in during flood. Damaged rooms and walls signal the floodwater visiting the area while passages have become bumpy.

The road, destroyed by the stagnant water, connects several villages in Tori bund area at RD-219 of the BS Feeder near Indus Highway.

The road has not been built, only an uneven thoroughfare and debris are visible now.

The road provides easy access to Indus Highway and joins Ghouspur, Kandhkot, Shikarpur and Sukkur. It links villages including Jam Sunharo, Durrani Mahar, Qayyas Bhayyo, Raju Khan Bhayyo and others.

The other route passing through Haibat bund runs parallel to Tori bund and is vulnerable because of bandits and infighting among different tribes. Last month five tribesmen of Chachar and Bhayyo clans died in a clash.

“We are deprived of our valuables like mobile, cash and motorbike by dacoits when we pass through this area. “Criminals kidnap our menand release them after hectic efforts,” he said.

When Chief Minister visited the Tori site we made entreaties that this RD-219 passage should be built but in vain,” said Sanaullah.

Health facilities are non-existent except for an ill equipped basic health unit forcing patients to go to Kandhkot who find hard to return to their homes after sunset through Tori breach site because of insecurity.A villager Mumtaz pleaded desperately to get the road built.

Courtesy: The DAWN;


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