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NAPHIS to help in increasing agri exports
Wednesday, September-26-2007

By Ijaz Kakakhel
ISLAMABAD: National Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (NAPHIS), a newly built organisation will take several initiatives to meet agriculture exports under WTO regime for meeting international standards.

In this regard, seven other organisations are cooperating with NAPHIS. The non-compliance by Pakistani agriculturalists and exporters of Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) provision and Technical Barrier to Trade (TBT) are seriously hurting Pakistan agriculture exports in the world market. The NAPHIS would ensure compliance of the SPS and meeting challenges of the TBT.

The NAPHIS was established in the shape of Animal Plant Heath Inspection Service (APHIS) America, which worked for meeting international standards on agricultural related exports. The Ministry of Food and Livestock (MINFAL) officials in close contact with the American organisation recently hold meeting for exporting Pakistani mangoes to USA. The NAPHIS already send an action plan to USA for enhancing agriculture exports.

Pakistan lacks a coherent SPS management system in relation to its trade with other countries. There are serious capacity constraints and lack of coordination and effective collective action between the departments involved in inspections, testing and other related activities. Absence of an SPS management system is resulting in rejection of exported consignments, and export bans, costing the country a lot of foreign exchange earnings.

Aim of the project (NAPIHS) is to put in place a coherent SPS management system in relation to its trade with other countries. In order to address the quality issues there is a need to develop an SPS management system and to strengthen existing capacities. The laboratory infrastructure will be developed to ensure compliance with national and international quality standards. The project is designed to establish a regulatory system to safeguard the health of animal and plants; ensure efficient use of resources and to facilitate cooperation amongst various departments and strengthen human resources assets.

In recent study of World Bank and UNIDO, it was concluded, “Pakistan lacks a coherent strategy for quality and SPS management in relation to its trade. Whatever strategy exists is pursued independently at micro or business-to-business level. There is a lack of coordination and effective collective action by many departments and ministries involved in the activities that are to address the constraints of achieving quality and SPS management”. Poor or non-compliance with standards in key export markets is leading to constrained market access and even loss of market share.

The regulatory body NAPHIS will coordination with seven other departments including Animal Quarantine Department, Department of Plant Protection, Department of Agriculture and Livestock Products, Marketing and Grading (DALPMG), National Veterinary Labs, Grain Quality Testing Labs and Federal Seed Certification and Registration Department.

Courtesy Dailytimes

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