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March 2017

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Pakistan's poor farmers face uphill battle with climate extremes
The 21-year-old tends the 3 hectares (7 acres) of land without the help of his two brothers, who lost interest in farming when they realised that more erratic weather was making agriculture an unreliable source of income.
Tuesday, March-28-2017

Climate-smart agri-mechanism imperative to fulfill food demands
The aim of the workshop was introducing a climate-smart agricultural approach to make the country food secure on a sustainable basis to meet the development goals, said a press release issued here Monday.
Tuesday, March-28-2017

French envoy for cementing academic, research ties
French Ambassador in Pakistan Martine Dorance yesterday called for further cementing academic and research ties between the two countries to get benefit from each other experiences.
Tuesday, March-28-2017

Pakistan's policies do not support economic growth
An increase in economic gap with other countries could affect Pakistan's regional position, the report said, explaining how high-growth economies transformed their nations through favourable policies.
Tuesday, March-28-2017

Tomato price likely to normalise in two weeks
The farmers blamed impulsive import decisions for the current crisis whereas the officials and traders hold climatic variations for delaying ripening up of crop in Sindh and creating current stress. The hype added to the common man's woes, by generating fears of shortage and some panic buying in the market.
Tuesday, March-28-2017

Pakistan needs new crop of entrepreneurs
The central bank governor insisted that he was aware of the difficulties faced by the exporters in trade with Iran. Both countries would soon be able to use their commercial banks for trade after the signing of a few agreements by the central banks of Iran and Pakistan.
Tuesday, March-28-2017

Upfront tariff for biomass-based power projects: Nepra
National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) through its suo motu powers has decided to develop upfront tariff for biomass-based power projects.
Saturday, March-25-2017

10% rural population of Pakistan without access to clean water
The figure is no match to the alarming situation in countries such as India which ranks top for having the greatest number of people, 63.4 million, living rurally without access to clean water or Angola, with the greatest percentage, 71 per cent, of the rural population without access to clean water but it definitely calls for immediate measures to address the problem of access to clean drinking water faced by millions of people in the country.
Wednesday, March-22-2017

WWF Pakistan for rebuilding forests cover in country
Climate change has emerged as the biggest threat to Pakistan's development over the past decade. This has been apparent from the increase in climate-induced natural disasters being recently experienced in this region. The intensity of glacial meltdown due to rising temperatures has resulted in destructive floods from 2010 onwards, almost on an annual basis.
Wednesday, March-22-2017

Pakistan failing to manage its abundant fresh water supply
The world is celebrating International Day of Water today, which is meant to focus on the importance of water. Pakistan, which was always been considered as a country with favorable geographic conditions, with a range of glaciers and connected rivers which are more than enough to fulfill its water needs, is currently rushing toward acute water shortage.
Wednesday, March-22-2017

Pakistan, India agree on redesigning of Miyar hydro project
Pakistan, with a largely agriculture-based economy, fears the projects could severely deplete its water resources. Many worry the dispute could further escalate tensions between the nuclear-armed rivals.
Wednesday, March-22-2017

ICT administration puts two-month ban on cutting of trees
The Capital Development Authority (CDA) approached the then provincial government of West Pakistan for the transfer of management of these reserve forests. Hence, of the 17,111 acres of forest, 12,511 acres were leased out to CDA in 1961 of which 11,870 acres comprise the Margalla Reserve Forest and the Banigala Reserve Forest constitute the remaining 641 acres.
Wednesday, March-22-2017

Pakistan wants peace with neighbours
Pakistan remains confident that its longstanding partnership with the Russian Federation as well as with its Muslim regions, including the Republic of Tatarstan, would witness significant progress in all areas of mutual interest.
Monday, March-20-2017

Pakistan-India talks good omen to settle water issue
The farmers take excessive water through tube wells, which results in a downward trend of water in Punjab. The underground water levels went down from about 82-112 feet to up to 1,023 feet and termed it a worsening situation.
Monday, March-20-2017

Water scarcity big threat to Pakistan
In last few years the defence budget has been significantly increased to combat terrorism ignoring the fact that water scarcity could be a bigger menace than terrorism, said Dr. Murtaza Mughal, President PEW.
Monday, March-20-2017

Punjab's policy draft on farming
This situation demands nutritional interventions to combat the threat of hidden hunger. There is a need to launch school nutrition programmes. It is pertinent to include food and nutrition as a subject in school curriculums. The greater good could only come from a social and behavioural change towards food.
Monday, March-20-2017

Dasu hydropower project to bring prosperity
The availability of water will further promote agriculture. It will turn the barren land into fertile fields. Controlled rivers and canals will be possible. More and more land will come under cultivation and will be another source of uplifting the lot of people.
Monday, March-20-2017

Palm oil falls on weaker export data output seen to improve
Low demand and rising production could weigh down palm oil prices. Palm oil output is expected to recover from the second quarter onwards, as the effects of a crop-damaging El Nino fades away, and this might pull down prices to around 2,500 ringgit, say industry experts.
Monday, March-20-2017

Dialogue on Climate Smart Agriculture
It targets national and sub-national planners, decision-makers and implementers, along with donors and NGOs seeking to invest in and promote CSA in specific regions or countries.
Friday, March-17-2017

Pakistan, Belarus move towards open banking channels
Pakistan made exports worth $13.28 million to Belarus, while imports from Belarus stood at $50.28 million during the same period. Thus, the balance of trade is in favour of Belarus.
Friday, March-17-2017

Future generations must be protected from toxicity
The workshop was informed that excessive use of pesticides and fertilizers is decreasing soil quality, contaminating ground water and causing eutrophication of surface water resources.
Friday, March-17-2017

Chinese diplomats laud progress in Punjab
The foreign diplomats were given a detailed briefing on development projects, business opportunities, reforms in different sectors, and law and order situation in the province.
Friday, March-17-2017

Sixth round on Pak-Turkey, FTA to be held in April
Pakistan and Turkey in sixth round of the negotiations on Free Trade Agreement (FTA) would be discussed on specific items including textile sector.
Friday, March-17-2017

KP's 'billion tree tsunami' successfully surging towards its goal
One of Pakistan's greenest provinces is becoming greener still: in just a year, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has added three-quarters of a billion new trees, as part of a "tree tsunami" aimed at reversing worsening forest loss.
Friday, March-17-2017

Iranian envoy for enhanced trade with Pakistan
The Iranian consul was informed that the State Bank of Pakistan governor had assured during his recent visit to LCCI that Pak-Iran banking channels would be reconnected sooner than expected.
Wednesday, March-15-2017

Russian wheat export prices rise on strong demand
Russia exported 25.6 million tonnes of grain between July 1 and March 8, down 1.3 percent from a year earlier, including 19.8 million tonnes of wheat, the agriculture ministry said.
Wednesday, March-15-2017

Scattered rain helps Ivory Coast cocoa mid-crop
The dry season in the world's top cocoa producer runs from mid-November to March, during which downpours are scarce with February and March normally the hottest months.
Wednesday, March-15-2017

European wheat prices down with US markets
Traders said that a fall below the support of 171.75 euros could bring the contract to the next support level of 170 euros. Algeria's tender to buy wheat for shipment in May and the purchase by Saudi Arabia's state buyer (SAGO) of 735,000 tonnes of wheat, of which some was expected to be sourced in Europe, limited the fall.
Wednesday, March-15-2017

UK wheat exports slow in January
Dealers said exports had started strongly this season partly due to demand from Algeria, which traditionally relies heavily on shipments from France which had a poor crop last summer.
Wednesday, March-15-2017

Can Africa deal with an expected boom in demand for meat?
The United Nations forecasts demand for meat, milk and eggs in Africa will almost quadruple by 2050, fuelled by a ballooning population - expected to double to 2.4 billion - and a growing appetite for high-protein foods driven by rising living standards.
Wednesday, March-15-2017

SC annoyed over govt's inaction on water issue
The bench also directed the district and sessions judges to submit reports on potable water and sanitation facilities in their respective districts.
Tuesday, March-14-2017

Vision 2025 to focus on designing food and energy policies
The Vision also underlines the low technical and financial capacity to mitigate the effects of climate change and recommends mobilising financial and technical support from global financing sources such as Green Climate Fund; and Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMA).
Tuesday, March-14-2017

Cotton firm
Active trading was witnessed at the Karachi Cotton Exchange on Friday, while spot rates remained unchanged.
Saturday, March-11-2017







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