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Special Reports/ WTO


WTO: Boon or Bane for Pakistani farmers
Being oblivious of the ignorance of the Pakistani farmers about the pros and cons of the rules coming into force from January 1, 2005, quite a number of non-governmental organizations in this country are taking the upcoming rules as something equivalent to neo-colonialism. The issues relating unlimited access to the multinationals and non-competitive conditions for the Pakistani growers are the main woes being orchestrated.

Welcome to the WTO website 

WTO issues farm draft paper to develop consensus
The World Trade Organisation (WTO) on Monday issued a draft text on agriculture to start a process to provoke comments from member countries on where consensus might be achieved for concluding the Doha Development Round by end of the current calendar year.
May 2007

Govt not prepare cottage industry to meet WTO standards
MULTAN: The small and medium enterprises and cottage industry has complained that the government policies have been reflecting lesser interests to introduce WTO standards after unilaterally singing the regimes’ conditions and bounding the SMEs to follow the footsteps, it is learnt.
March 2007

Proposals at WTO to hit local farmers
PAKISTAN recent proposal at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) can hit agriculture and especially the farmers. It has made up its mind to relax its position on Special Products (SPs) in future negotiations on Agreement on Agriculture (AoA) as compared to current position of the G33.
Februray 2007

Losers and winners under WTO regime
Globalisation has varying repercussions in terms of pro-poor and anti-poor growth. Under the WTO regime, the degree of trade liberalisation is different in different countries. So, in order to understand how trade liberalisation affects the poor, requires both macro- and micro-level analysis.
November 2006

Optimum cropping pattern under WTO
AGRICULTURE directly or indirectly sustains 67.5 per cent of the population and engages 42 per cent of the labour force.
May 2006

Finding access to WTO?s tough regime
FIGHTING our way into the tough world of the World Trade Organization (WTO) is a tremendous task. While it is full of opportunities for our industry, business and exports, the challenges are formidable.
October 2005

WTO and its impact on the economy
AMERICA in 1930 enacted the ‘Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act’. It was meant to reduce imports and stimulate domestic production. Retaliation with equal high tariffs by afflicted nations took place leading to a tariff war.
August 2005

G-20 for ending farm subsidy 
The two-day (March 18 and 19) WTO moot of G-20 countries in New Delhi has demanded a time frame from the rich countries to end subsidies to their farmers and terminate price distorting export practices to bring equity between the developed and developing nations.
March 2005

Cotton has comparative advantage in WTO regime 
The importance of cotton can hardly be over emphasized in the economy of Pakistan. Pakistan is one of the ancient homes of cultivated cotton, 4th largest producer of cotton , the 3rd largest exporter of raw cotton and a leading exporter of yarn in the world.
November 2004

WTO farm accord unlikely before 2006
Ever since July framework agreement approved by the General Council of the World Trade Organization, an eerie atmosphere marked by confusion, uncertainty and anxiety prevails in its secretariat.
November 2004

The deal on agriculture: hopes and fears
The recent WTO deal at Geneva whereby the rich developed countries have agreed to eliminate export subsidies and drastically reduce domestic subsidies given to their farm sector is being put to varying interpretations.
September 2004

Textiles and clothing in the WTO regime
For pragmatic policy formulation in the textile and clothing sector, it is important to peep into the trade history of the world, particularly the year 1945.
September 2004

WTO and Pakistani citrus exports
Citrus are the largest produced fruits in Pakistan. The country produces about 8 per cent of world production, with only 0.5 per cent share in the international trade.
September 2004

Geneva accord: WTO still remains a question mark
The WTO regime has come a long way: from Marrakesh, where it started in 1994 to Geneva, 2004, where a semblance of meaningfulness and understanding was reached.
August 2004

Alien species' threat after the regime of WTO
Agriculture, as is known contributes 25 per cent to our GDP, provides employment to about 47 per cent of the workforce, and contributes, directly or indirectly, 65 per cent to export earnings.
August 2004

Farm subsidies slashed in WTO deal
After five days of wrangling, the World Trade Organization's 147 member states formally agreed a framework on Sunday, laying down guidelines for the organization's Doha Round, which has been in trouble since the acrimonious collapse of a ministerial conference last September in Cancun, Mexico.
August 2004

WTO Agreement on Agriculture
The negotiations have resulted in four main portions of the Agreement; the Agreement on Agriculture itself; the concessions.

First WTO eTraining Course for government officials
The new WTO eTraining program will offer its first on-line course for government officials from developing countries from June 21 to July 30, 2004.

W.T.O. Rules Against U.S. on Cotton Subsidies
Brazil won a preliminary ruling at the World Trade Organization on Monday night that could force the United States to lower the subsidies it pays farmers to grow cotton and, eventually, most subsidized crops.

WTO challenges and agriculture sector
Pakistan is an agricultural country. Therefore, the ensuing WTO challenges have sparked heated debates among various circles. A sub-set of four WTO agreements specifically deals with agricultural issues.

What the WTO holds in store
As much of the developing world takes up the issue of opposing the World Trade Organization, there are many in Pakistan who have been swept up in the anti-WTO sentiment that prevails.

WTO - role of the provinces  
First, a few words on the bed linen anti-dumping duty imposed by EU. The industry is blaming the government for mishandling the case.

WTO era to attract influx of Indian goods
WTO regulations coming in force in the year 2005 would further attract the influx of Indian goods, if proper remedial and safeguard measures were not adopted.

IC calls for national policy to face WTO
The Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI) has called for a national policy to face the challenges of WTO regime particular in the 'agriculture industry'.

WTO talks hit agriculture deadlock
Ministers from more than 20 countries failed to bridge bitter divisions on key agricultural trade reform on Saturday, sending a WTO blueprint back to the drawing board as thousands of farmers held noisy protests.

Agriculture sector's promotion vital
Agriculture sector in the country needs to be promoted and strengthened to meet the forthcoming challenges of WTO.

EU proposal for WTO on agriculture goes
The European Commission's ambitious proposals for the WTO negotiations on agriculture were unanimously supported by Member States in the General Affairs Council. The EU proposal now goes to Geneva, a message issued by the EC office here said.

WTO challenges can be met by enhancing
Pakistan can meet the challenges posed by World Trade Organisation (WTO) by enhancing technical capability.

EU Commission faces hitch with WTO
The European Commission presented its plans to EU states on Friday for tariff and farm support cuts as part of world trade talks, but failed to get approval, officials said.

Provisions of WTO accords on Agri
The Standing Committee on Agreement on Agriculture met on Friday under the chairmanship of Dr Abdul Salam. The committee examined the provisions of WTO agreements on agriculture for implementation; to evaluate the present tariffs/non-tariff commitments on agreements on agriculture.

Question of removing official price
The Steering Committee of five non-governmental organisations (NGOs) on Monday decided to send the Ministry of Food and Agriculture a set of proposals by January 10 on how to protect interest of the farmers once the WTO regime is implemented.

NGOs send proposals to ministry
The Steering Committee of five non-governmental organisations (NGOs) on Monday decided to send the Ministry of Food and Agriculture a set of proposals by January 10 on how to protect interest of the farmers once the WTO regime is implemented.

WTO negotiations on agriculture
The European Commission has proposed cut in import tariffs by 36 percent, export subsidies by 45 percent and reduction in trade distorting domestic farm support by more than half (55 percent), providing there is fair burden sharing from other developed countries in particular.

China agrees to WTO talks over steel
China has agreed to bilateral talks with Taiwan over a steel dispute under the auspices of the WTO, a government official said on Thursday, a move that would end a three-year freeze on dialogue and could lead to expanded commercial ties.

New effort to break deadlock at WTO drugs talks
World Trade Organisation (WTO) states resumed efforts on Sunday to break a deadlock over cheap medicines for poorer countries, but officials saw no quick fix for a dispute souring the mood at global trade talks.

Need for a proactive Southern Agenda
The lack of agreement on common goals for trade liberalisation has resulted in a deadlock. To move forward, one needs to be free from all biases--for or against--to explore the options and look into the issues, which have emerged with the new trading regime.

Sugar Mills to form 'WTO committee'
Chairman, Pakistan Sugar Mills Association (PSMA), Punjab Zone, Javed Kayani has said that formation of WTO committee at the PSMA platform is under way so the millers could meet the emerging challenges.

Call to make a comprehensive plan
All the government departments/agencies, autonomous and semi-autonomous bodies should quickly realign to make a comprehensive plan to cope with the challenges of WTO to be enforced from January 2005.

First half 2003 critical for Russian entry to WTO
Russia could gain entry to the World Trade Organisation by the end of 2004, earlier than previously thought, if significant progress in economic and legal reforms are made in the first six months of next year, a senior WTO official said on Friday. 

Commerce minister asks businessmen to get ready
Federal Commerce Minister Abdul Razak Dawood has asked the businessmen to prepare themselves to face the challenges of the post-WTO regime.

Government, private sector, other stakeholders
The Consultant to the Ministry of Commerce, Dr Tariq Banauri, has reminded the government, the private sector and other non-government stakeholders on trade policy of the WTO obligations regarding environment and sustainable development.

All Pakistan Textile Mills Association sets up WTO cell
All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (Aptma) has established 'WTO Cell' headed by Abid Farooq at its zonal office in the provincial metropolis. 

Foreign firms laud Chinese WTO reform, want more
China scores high marks for keeping its WTO promises so far, but endemic problems like hazy rules and disregard for intellectual property will take years to resolve, executives at a forum on WTO affairs said on Wednesday.

Businessmen urged to understand WTO rules
The Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) Acting Chief, Pervaiz Anwar Sheikh has stressed the need for educating the business community and government officials towards genuine adoption, re-orientation and sincere understanding of the issues for meaningful survival of the national economy in the new set of WTO rules.

WTO aides raise concerns about regional trade pacts
With countries around the globe in a mad dash to negotiate as many trade pacts as they can, top World Trade Organisation officials are urging them to stop and consider the consequences.

WTO trade reform could boost Australia
An end to export and production subsidies for beef would dramatically swing industry growth to the southern hemisphere, the natural home for the industry, a key Australian industry official said on Tuesday.

Need stressed to evolve strategy to face WTO laws
If Pakistan government really wants to get free its economy from the Western clutches then it must evolve a compact and comprehensive strategy to combat the consequences of stiff laws to be imposed by WTO from the year 2004, suggested by Central Chairman, Pakistan Business Forum, Mian Tanweer Ahmed Magoon on Wednesday.

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• US gets WTO panel on EU steel counter-measures
• China says not dragging feet on WTO promises
• 'Like-minded' ministers to meet in Geneva on September 20
• US business group sees gaps in Chinese WTO
• Faisalabad Chamber seminar on WTO
• Thailand economist Supachai brings quiet skills to WTO
• Europe hails WTO $4 billion ruling against US on tax breaks
• Seminar on Implications of WTO
• Footwear to get full protection under WTO laws: Commerce Minister
• Dr. Manzoor posted envoy to WTO Geneva
• European Commission still waits for WTO ruling in US tax break now
• WTO agreement pushing farmers into crisis
• PNAC workshop for journalists on August 21
• Need for learning WTO subjects stressed
• Trip seminar on August 31
• Immense efforts needed to meet WTO challenges
• Australia joins WTO sugar action against European Union
• India eatery firm embraces WTO norm in global push
• ECO members can face WTO challenges unitedly: Pakistan
• Globalization and the World Trade Organization
• The International Forum on Globalization
• Friends of the Earth - World Trade Organization
• WTO: critical issues for Pakistan's agriculture and textile industry
• AOA to hit poor farmers
• WTO successor to gatt:
• WTO Rules Against U.S.'s Quota on Yarn From Pakistan in Latest Textiles Setback
• Agriculture and Food Impacts of WTO rules;


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