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  Mango (Mangifera indica L Family Anacardiaceae) is the second major fruit crop in Pakistan. At present it is grown on an area of 93.42 thousand hectares with production 915.7 thousand tonnes Table-1. The area under mango crop has increased but the rise in production is comparatively slow. The main mango growing districts in the Punjab province are Multan, Bahawalpur, Muzzaffar garh and Rahim yar Khan. In the province of Sindh it is mainly grown in Mir pur Khas, Hyderabad and Thatta in the province of NWFP it is grown in Peshawar and Mardan. The climate of Sindh gets warmer about one month earlier than the Punjab which has given the province the privilege to grow early varieties of mango.
   Pakistani mango sweetens world markets  
 News Channel  

  Pakistani mango sweetens world markets  
  Pakistani mango is recognised as one of the best of its kind in the world market. With a production of 1.8 million tonnes per year,Pakistan is among the leading mango producers.....................FULL STORY  
      PIA fare hike hits mango exports to Norway hard
  National Out-Look  
  Mango crop outlook
Mango crop outlook
Introduction and importance
Mango varieties in Pakistan
Mango; Product of Pakistan
Magnificent Mangoes Of Pakistan
A case of mediocre mangoes
  World wheat production for 2009/10 is projected up 3.8 million tons this month to 671.9 million, down just 10.8 million tons, or 1.6 percent, from the record year of 2008/09...more

Mango Export from Pakistan and WTO Regime on Food & Agriculture
The diversified natural resources and eco-systems, Pakistan is endowed with, gives Pakistan a compara- tive advantage in agro-livestock.......................................................more

Pakistan as sweet as mango
Mango is the most delicious fruit of summer season which is   liked by all. It is the second major fruit-crop of Pakistan with high international value...more

Mango "Gift of Nature"
Mangoes are so delightful and entice us to eat as much as possible. Mangoes are periodic fruits and veggies and are mainly available during hot summer months...more


  Leading Commercial varieties   Advisory

Sindhri, Gulabkhas, Swarnarice, Baganpalli, Collector, Neelum


Malda, Langra, Aman Duseri, Anwar Ratol, Samer Bahisht, Fajri Kalan and Sensation.


Lengra and Samer Bahisht


Sindhri and Banganpalli

AAB monitoring device, cultural practices and
  chemicals for management of mango tree mortality

Four-year project to boost mango exports





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