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Quality and forms
Pakistan Export Potential
World Rice Trade
World Rice Consumption
World price for rice

Pakistan Export Overview

Pakistan's MY 2001/02 rice production is forecast at 4.5 MMT-a decline of 200,000 MT from the revised MY 2000/01 production of 4.7 MMT (based on final production figures from Punjab).

Of the major varieties, IRRI production is forecast to decline to 2.4 MMT (down 150,000 MT from last year crop) and Basmati production is forecast to be 1.6 MMT (down about 100,000 MT from last year).

The decrease in production is due to continued irrigation problems, which are expected to result in a decline in both area and yield. 

Despite low prices and increasingly vocal complaints from rice zzproducers, the government plays a minor role in the rice market.

Although the government establishes procurement prices for different grades of paddy, it did not purchase any paddy during MY2000/01.

Rice Consumption
Rice is not a staple and consumption is increasing slowly compared to wheat. About 60 percent of the crop is destined for local consumption and the remainder exported.

The government does not maintain grade standards for rice. An estimated 150,000 metric tons of 40-percent to 100-percent broken rice used in the poultry feed annually.   

Rice Exports
Pakistan is a major rice exporter and is forecast to export 1.8 MMT, consisting of 1.2 MMT of IRRI and 600,000 MT of Basmati, during MY 2001/02.
All trade is done by the private sector.

The state-owned Rice Export Corporation was abolished several years ago. Today, another state trading agency, the Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP), plays a limited role in the rice trade by facilitating government-to-government exports through the private sector.

The GOP in consultation with the Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REAP) has established a quality review committee to certify the quality of Pakistani rice prior to shipment in an effort to boost the image of Pakistani rice, and especially Basmati rice.

Rice exports by destination data are not available for MY 1999/00 and CY2000. Of the total 2.1 MMT of rice exports during MY 1999/00, IRRI rice exports totaled 1.548 MMT and Basmati exports totaled 555,000 MT.

The major destinations for IRRI rice exports for November 1999-June 2000 were: Afghanistan (183,726 MT), Bangladesh (120,738 MT), Sri Lanka (104,072 MT), United Arab Emirates (87,359 MT), India (77,218 MT) and South Africa (72,187 MT).

The major destinations for Basmati rice exports for November 1999-June 2000 were: United Arab Emirates (172,339 MT) Oman (68,360 MT), Saudi Arabia (64,680 MT), Qatar (44,678 MT), United Kingdom (27,452 MT), Bahrain (23,398 MT), and Kuwait (23,163 MT). 12,040 MT of Basmati rice and 1,679 MT of IRRI rice was shipped to the United States between November 1999-June 2000.


Source:  www.Tel Med

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