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Cotton Export(Goods)

Pakistan's Cotton bags are made of 100% cotton cloths in different sizes. The products include shopping hags in grey, bleached, dyed and hand screen printed with pigment colours according to the buyer's requirements for advertising and promotional activities of their products. Prints are made for prolonged colour fastness. Kit bags made of canvas cloths in different weight per sq. meter also made for sports, camping purposes, requirements of armed forces, schools, industrial, agricultural and miscellaneous commercial needs.

Cotton and Cotton products occupy a pivotal position in the economy of Pakistan. Pakistani Weaving industry has been producing sophisticated quality fabrics in line with the latest overseas demand. Made of superior Cotton, the textile fabrics of Pakistan are distinguished for their quality, texture, lustrous colour and rich combination of superior designs and competitive prices.

Pakistan's Textile industry enjoys several advantages over many other countries as far as the production of quality fabric is concerned, which include availability of high-grade locally produced raw cotton and abundance of trained manpower.

Pakistan's cotton is regarded as the best among varieties of cottons of similar staples grown elsewhere in the world. Pakistan's cotton industry enjoys several advantages over those of many other counties as far as the production of quality fabrics and yam is concerned and is a world leader in the export of cotton yarn. including coarse, medium and fine varieties. Pakistan's leading buyers are Japan, Republic Of Korea and Hong Kong.

Pakistan produces garments readymade of all pattern and styles, of the latest fashions and quality. The industry is adequately equipped to produce latest fashions to suit tastes and needs in any pan of the world. The products also include utility items such as service uniforms, overalls, shirts, jeans, night suits, uniforms for school, workers in industrial concerns catering establishments, etc . Leading Pakistani designers;, garment manufacturers and exporters display their designs and products regularly round the world in international fatrs and exhibitions and in trade centres like Paris, London, New York, Tokyo and Berlin, Two fashion fairs are also organized annually in Pakistan namely the Pakistan Textile and Clothing Fair, held in winter, and the Fashion Apparel Fair in summer.;

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