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Wheat harvesting starts in Pindi division                                        

The farmers have started harvesting their wheat crop in the Rawalpindi division amid big hopes of high yield.

The continuous spells of rains have delayed the harvesting season for few days but now it is in full swing. Almost all the farmers busy
in harvesting when asked by this scribe about the prospect of yield were of the view that it would be better than the past year.

Fazal Mehmood, a small farmer in an adjoining village of Rawalpindi, said that he has two acres of land under his possession and last
time he produced 30 monds of wheat in this piece of land. He said that due to sufficient amount of rains the plants as well as the grain
are very healthy and his yield may rise up to 50 mounds this year.

Abdul Rauf, a farmer in a village near Hassanabdal, was of the opinion that crop if compared to the previous year is very healthy and of
course the yield would be better. He however prayed that no natural calamity like hail storm and excessive rain spells takes place
during the next 10 days so that the farmers could complete the process of harvesting and threshing.

Ali Asghar, a middle class farmer, complained that there was shortfall of fertilizers during the grain-forming period of the wheat crop but
still the crop is very healthy.

The unrestricted availability of fertilizer at that particular period would have increased the yield, he added.

Courtesy: The NEWS;

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