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PCPA its role in Pesticides   
Muhammad Irfan

Majority generic companies have been providing standard pesticides on low rates compared to multinational companies operating across the country since the induction of Genetic Scheme by the government The generic companies who have established Pakistan Crop Protection Association in 1994, deeply committed in providing standard pesticides in the market, creating awareness among the farmers through their technical field staff having qualification from Agri. graduate to Ph. D in agriculture for adopting them modern technology including safe use of pesticides for obtaining higher yield for growing population. Consumption of pesticides has been increased considerable. Huge foreign exchange is being spent for its import to meet the requirement and not a single molecule of pesticide is manufacture in th ecountry.

PCPA its role in PesticidesThe multinational companies have not taken any effort or interest in basic manufacturing of pesticide in Pakistan in spite of the Govt. direction in this regard. Without chemical control of insect pests and disease, even average yield per acre of the crop can not be cbtained. Therefore efforts are to be made to meet the requirement of Food & Fibre of the population. There are nearly 70 member companies of the association and election are held after every two years. At presnt Mr. Ejaz Chaudhary, Chief Executive of KIsan Care (Pvt) Limited, Lahore and Mr. Masud Alam Khan, Chief Executive of Roots International, Multan are the Chairman and General Secretary respectively.

In reply to a question Ijaz Ahmed Chaudary, Chairman of Pakistan Crop Protection Association and Chief Executive of Kissan Care said that PCPA had already launched a move and urged the Govt. to grant incentives for the basic manufacturing, local formulation of the pesticides in the country and duty protection on th eimport of plant protection spraying machines. Currently the Government has given a relief package for the local formulation of pesticide only and on import of the plant protection spraying machines. There is a still urgent necessity for th eGovernment to take such steps to attract the investors for the establishment of basic manufacturing of the common pesticides used in the country otherwise we will remain dependence of th Total Import and unable to compete in the world trade.

He further added that there is no policy for pesticide sector in the history of Pakistan. There must be a pesticide policy for all companies involved in this sector, right from the labour work to the end of the top management. PCPA is trying his best level for the establishment of a Policy particulalry for this sector, he added more. He told us that the policy must be conducive, top priorities to local companies, GST removal form this sector (15 % currently), subsidies should be there.

While answering to a question he pointed out that 10 Agriculture graduates are must for each company and these agriculture professional not only provide the pesticides to the local growers but also gave them sugestions and a little trainig too for the proper use and time, to get the maximum advantage of any of these pesticides. He told us that only by the proper use of pesticides we can increase our production up to 15 - 30 %, that will automatically make us self sufficient and we can also export our produce too.

Mr. Ijaz chaudhary said that Agriculture have a bright future, the need is just for proper management and basic information network establishment. There should be a TV channel with 24 hours transmation and it should be in local languages so, the farming community get better advantage of its. At Union Counsil level there must be training centers for growers where they get the latest information regarding agriculture alongwith how & when to prepare the Soil with latest technologies, from where he can get the improve variet seed, what is the right time for spray and how to handle the spray machine, in short the proper timings of all inputs right from preparation of soil to the harvest and post harvest technologies, he added further.

Highlighting WTO, Ijaz Ch. told us that he is in favour of WTO because it will definately enhance the productivity. Why we fear from WTO, if we just improve our products quality then we can easily compete with the international growers. WTO will definately decrease the SUBSIDIES artio world wide and its direct benefits will be our farmers too as here subsidies rate is already too low so by this way to we can easily compete with them. We had already been achieved the self sufficiency level, the need of the time is just to prepare our self for WTO he added.

While talking on the Cyber Net, he told us that we are almost 50 years back from the developed nations. On the same time he praised the efforts of PAKISSAN.COM and its work in the field of Agriculture. He added that the future is e-Media. Cell phone will be every thing and no need of wire and you will be conected with the whole world with one touch. PAkissan will get its fruit with in next 3-5 years, he added further.;

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