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Pakissan Agri Consultancies
Pakissan is the foremost organization of its kind that provides high quality professional consulting services exclusively for the Agribusiness Sector. Through its Consulting Cell, Pakissan provides consulting services in the following areas:

(1) New Projects/New Products/New Markets

Market Research Survey
Techno-commercial Feasibility Studies
Turnkey Project Consulting
Market Entry Strategies and Market Expansion Strategies
Operations/Experimental Research Studies

(2) Rural Development & Policies

Evaluation of an existing/proposed developmental program
Socio-economic surveys

(3) Agri Commodity Trade/Export/Import

Assisting clients with a comprehensive understanding of the likely
future in trade for any Agricultural Commodity and/or market.
Guidance on broker selection, shipping, handling, insurance and
regulatory factors in order to facilitate market entry.
Provide clients with export fundamentals, company and product
analysis, market research, budgeting, tactics, distribution and logistic support.
Helping clients manage price, financial and performance risks in dealing
in agricultural commodities into and out of Pakisatn.

(4) Use of Advanced Technology in Agribusiness Sector

Use of Information and Web Technology in Agribusiness Sector
Management Information Systems
Business promotion through Internet and e-mail marketi

We are in position to offer you the following services :

i. Market Tracking Services

ii. Customised Market Reports

iii. Representation at all major events in Pakisatn

iv. Building Databases of potential customers

v. Targetted Mailing campaigns to potential customers

Our Strengths

The unique combination of organizational and human resources gives a distinct advantage to Pakissan in the area of Agribusiness Consulting. Following are some of the differentiators.

(1) Exclusive Agribusiness Focus
Though there are many professional consulting organizations in the country, Pakissan is the only such organization that focuses exclusively on the agribusiness sector. This gives us an advantage of greater specialization in the core area of activity.

(2) Professional Employees
The Pakissan consulting team consists of highly qualified staff from different reputed institutes and indivisuals.

(3) In-depth Domain Expertise
Pakissan team represents a cumulative work experience of over 150 years in the Agribusiness Sector, which means a very wide range of domain expertise.

(4) Proximity to the day-to-day market realities
Pakissan Team also publishes daily Newsletter and Trade Research Reports for various Agri commodities and therefore they are always up-to-date with latest developments and trends in their respective sectors. Therefore all the consulting assignments executed by the team always reflect the ground realities.

(5) State-of-art Technology
Pakissan makes effective use of latest technologies like the Internet and the Web for collection, analysis and dissemination of information. This gives an added advantage to its customers.

If you wants Agri Consultancies then please click here to contact us. Our team of Agri Experts / Businessmen is with you


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