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Dr. M. Subhan Qureshi

Principal Investigator

PhD scholar


Veterinary Officer

Veterinary Camping Services 

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Principal Investigator
AI-PARC Veterinary 
Research Institute,Charsadda Road PO Box.367, 
Peshawar 25000, Pakistan

Office: +92-91-9210218
Home : +92-91-275572

 Ph.D (Animal Reproduction), 1998, Univ. Agric. Faisalabad.
Thesis title: Relationship of pre- and postpartum nutritional status with reproductive performance of Nili-Ravi buffaloes under the conventional farming system in NWFP Pakistan.
M.Sc (Hons). (Animal Reproduction), 1988, Univ. Agric. Faisalabad.
Thesis title: Accuracy of Rectal Diagnosis of Corpus Luteum in Nili-Ravi buffaloes.
D.V.M 1982, College of Veterinary Sciences Lahore.
Artificial Insemination Technology-PARC, Islamabad (Principal Investigator, 2000-2003).
National Coordinated Buffalo Research Program/PARC/ARP-II (PhD scholar, 1994-1997).
Center of Animal Biotechnology, VRI Peshawar (Scientist, 1990-1993).
Semen processing, bulls management, veterinary clinical work and disease investigation (Veterinary Officer, 1983-1990).
Veterinary Camping Services (Officer-in-Charge, 1999-2000).
Development of peri-urban dairy farms through integrated approach of technical, financial and marketing services (1992 onwards).
Journal of Animal Health and Production (ISSN 1027-0310) (Editor, 1990 to 2000).
Use of computer (Word processing, data management, E.mail, etc. (1988 onwards).
Hides and Skins Project (Officer-in-Charge, 1994 to 1998).
Planning, monitoring and evaluation of developmental programs in livestock/crops; assessment of the capacity of various institutions for production and transfer of technologies to the target groups; Co-Govt. Focal Point, IUCN-SPCS on sustainable agriculture in NWFP (2000-2001).
Countries visited
Thailand (March 28 to May 6, 1994 as a participant of the Group training course on Swamp Buffalo Reproduction at Chulalongkorn Univ. Bangkok.
Membership of professional bodies
Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences (Korea) (Member Editorial Board)
Pakistan Society of Animal Reproduction (Vice President)
International Union for Conservation of Nature (Member, Advocacy Forum)
Pakistan Veterinary Medical Council (Member, PMC Committee)
Sarhad Dairy Farmers Association (Position: Livestock Advisor)
List of selected publications (1998 and onwards)
Dairy Association: htttp://;