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Dr. Muhammad Rasheed

Veterinary Officer

Veterinary Doctor

livestock Production Officer

Livestock consultant

Services to Farmers /Breeders

 not Available

Mailing Address Contact Inormation
House No 235/W, Scheme # 03
Farid Town Sahiwal,Pakistan.

Tel:     50305

 Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) from University of agriculture Faisalabad Pakistan in 1974.
 Diploma ion Artificial Insemination from University of Agriculture Faisalabad Pakistan in 1975.
Trainings Received
S/No Institute Subject Period
01 Livestock Production Research Institute, Bahadar Nagar (Okara) Pakistan Live stock Production

08-06-1991 to

02 Animal Husbandry in Service Training Institute Peshawar Pakistan Livestock Production Extension

25-07-1992 to


03 Directorate of Livestock Production Extension Lahore, Pakistan Program Planning &Preparation of Extension Material

06-02-1993 to


04 International Agriculture Center Neither Land (Holland) International Course on Livestock Production

21-03-1994 to


05 Livestock Extension Training Center Bahadar Nagar Okara Pakistan Breed Improvement Techniques

14-05-1994 to


06 Pakistan Academy for Rural Development Peshawar Pakistan Effective Communication & Agriculture Extension

21-11-1998 to


07 Punjab Institute of Human Resource Development Lahore Pakistan Project Identification Appraisal Monitoring & Evaluation

21-05-2001 to


08 Livestock Services Training Center Bahadar Nagar Okara Pakistan Participatory Disease Surveillance

21-05-2002 to


Worked as Veterinary Officer in the different areas of Punjab to extend the services to the farmers /breeders for their.
  Livestock Managment
  Livestock Feeding
  Livestock Breeding
  Deworming of Animals
  Vaccination of Animals
  Treatment of sick Animals
Worked as Veterinary Doctor at National Dairy Farm Al-Khobar Saudi Arabia. The Dairy farm having more than 3000 heads of Friesian cows was managed to get maximum yield of milk by providing.
  Treatment and health coverage
  Feed and fodder availability program
  Synchronized breeding program
  Maintenance and operation of machine milking parlor

Worked as livestock Production Officer in the Livestock Production Project to increase the income of Rural Community by extending services to.
  Organize them in groups/ committees
  Farmers gathering / meetings
  Conducting fields days
  Establishing Demonstration plots
  Organize health days
  Organize lectures/ seminars
Worked as Livestock consultant with Punjab Rural Support Program (PRSP) Sahiwal to.
Coordinate in organizing the farmers in shape of Community    Organization (CO)
Conduct the farmers gathering/ meetings and field days
Give trainings in Dairy farming, Sheep & Goat farming and Rural Poultry farming to the village Workers nominated by the CO concerned
Demonstrate the extension message in farmers gathering / field days
Coordinate with the CO for the marketing of Milk and Meat
Give necessary treatment to the sick animals of farmers / target group
Give vaccination and deworming program to the CO for better health and production of their animals
Coordinate with the CO / target group in establishing small income generating Livestock program
Livestock Consultant
Livestock trainer
Resource Person
Social Organizer
Training Coordinator
Dairy Farm Manager
Veterinary Doctor
Herd man
Any related Position
Extension Worker;