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Organic Farming


A possibility for healthy food & safe environment 
By Usman Zulfiqar | University of Agriculture, Faisalabad

Organic farming involves using techniques to produce good crop yields without harming the natural ecosystem or the people who live and work.

Profitability in organic farming 
By M Khan | M Iftikhar ul Husnain

Organic farming has the potential to address some of the threats to agricultural sustainability. It is a well-defined method of production.

Managing soil to improve organic matter 
By Dr Shahzada Sohail Ijaz

ORGANIC matter in soil affects soil properties and processes and often one effect leads to another resulting in a complex chain of multiple benefits.

Biofertilisers’ use for raising output 
By Khurram Shahzad & Zeshan

HEALTHY soil is a combination of minerals, rock, water, air, organic matter (plant and animal residue), micro-organisms, including bacteria, fungi, protozoa and a variety of insects and worms. In healthy soil this intricate web carries out a process that continually replenishes the soil and maintains long-term soil fertility.

Living with organic inputs
By Abdul Waheed, A. Hannan & DrA.M.Ranjha

HEALTHY soil is a combination of minerals, rock, water, air, organic matter (plant and animal residue), micro-organisms, including bacteria, fungi, protozoa and a variety of insects and worms. In healthy soil this intricate web carries out a process that continually replenishes the soil and maintains long-term soil fertility.

Organic management of pest insects in stored wheat
By Muhammad Anwar & Dr Muhammad Ashfaq

FOOD security has always been the most strategic aim of the nations, worldwide. Food safety is a complementary module due to losses endured by a number of biotic and abiotic factors during production, handling and storage.

Organic matter status of Pakistan soils and its management
Shahzada Sohail Ijaz

Soil organic matter affects so many soil properties and processes that a complete discussion of the topic is beyond the scope. Often one effect leads to another, so that a complex chain of multiple benefits results from the addition of organic matter to soils.

Organic farming - composting & its mechanism
By: Rana Mujahid Ali Khan, Tanveer Hussain Khan

Organic Farming is a modern, sustaining & close to nature farming system, which maintains the long-term fertility of the soil and uses less of the Earth’s finite resources to
produce high quality nutritious food grains/vegetables/fruits..

A future for organic apple growing in the Northeast
By Laura Sayre

In the humid Eastern states, expanding marketing opportunities are matched by stubborn production challenges. But new disease and pest management tools may be tipping the balance in favor of locally-grown organic tree fruits.

Hadi Bux Leghari

Composting is the transformation of organic material (plant matter, farmyard manure, poultry manure, sugarcane filter cake etc.) through decomposition into a soil-like material called compost.

Women and Organic Agriculture in Pakistan
Mrs. Farzan Panhwar

In the rural areas of Pakistan, agriculture land is owned by men and they use family labour including women for producing crops. Women are not paid but are fed, clothed and provided dowery by father at time of marriage, ornaments from cradle to grave and are not mourned as men are.

Strategies for organic research
In this paper I offer three suggestions for increasing the value of organic farming re-search. However, these suggestions could apply just as well to conventionally oriented research, if conventional researchers were so inclined. Moreover, later I argue that organic research should be brought into closer contact with mainstream science.

Organic farming a realistic choice
After a 21-year study, Swiss scientists have given a ringing endorsement to organic farming methods.  They found organic yields were on average 20% smaller than those from conventional agriculture.

Organic Farming Facts
Organic agricultural production benefits the environment by using earth-friendly agricultural methods and practices. Here are some facts that show why organic farming is "the way to grow."

Organic farming is a realistic alternative
It's strange how a movement that began with the best of intentions has managed to generate so much animosity. I'm talking about organic farming. But while a few people seem convinced it's a scam, the research continues to suggest otherwise.

Adventures in Organic Farming--TERRAFIRMA
In the past ten years, the topic of organic farming has moved beyond the health food store and the vegetarian crowd to become a concern of mainstream Americans. When historians write the story of organic farming in America, they may look back to the 1988 Alar apple scare as the defining moment when organic farming moved out of the realm of "alternative farming" to become a practical and healthy dietary choice for a mass audience.

Is Organically Grown Food More Nutritious?
There are many difficulties in assessing the nutritive value of organic vs. conventionally produced foods. The first is that the difference in terms of health effects is not large enough to be readily apparent.

Organic labeling process unnatural, growers declare
Alan Trout used to hang a banner on his farmer’s market stand, advertising his produce as organic. This year, the 50-year-old farmer left his banner at home in Goodman. “I’m sure not gonna pay the USDA for a piece of paper,” he said.  And this year, that is what Trout would need to legally call his farm organic.

Organic Food is a Consumer Revolution
As people have become more aware of the connection between their food choices and their own health as well as the health of the environment, organic food has become one of the fastest growing trends in the history of our industry.

Organic food might reduce heart attacks
Eating organic food may help reduce your risk of heart attacks, strokes and cancer. The finding will reignite the debate over its health benefits and may force regulatory agencies to reconsider their position.

Countries seek tougher 'right to know' on toxics
Negotiators from Europe, Central Asia, and North America began talks Monday to finalize an international pact to strengthen people's right to know about the presence of chemical waste and toxic pollutants.

Organic versus conventional dairy farming studies
A study (the Ojebyn Project) was conducted to determine differences be-tween organic and conventional dairy farming systems. Comparisons of feed intake, milk production, live weight (LW), feed efficiency and animal health were conducted, based on records from 145 dairy cows (238 parities).

Organic farming : Frequently Asked Questions;


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