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Corporate Farming


Government of Pakistan has recently initiated Corporate Farming in the Agriculture sector of Pakistan.

There has been lot of opinion on this issue. Since this would have profound effect how farming will be done in Pakistan we are bringing the total issue here.

You may also send your opinion and suggestions on this issue.

What went wrong with corporate farming?
BR Research

The idea of Corporate Agriculture Farming (CAF) in Pakistan has divided views among stakeholders right since the reported promulgation of its ordinance in 2001.CAFs champions hold the issue close to their heart, whereas its detractors term the concept an anathema to Pakistans rural economy.

How corporate farming impacts the environment
Perry McCarney

more developments
Package for CF  sector soon
MULTAN: Corporate farming cast away
Corporate farming initiative rejected
'CAF to streamline output..
SAAG opposes corporate farming
Corporate farming to ensure enhanced
Int'l companies to be registered for CF
CAF approved by federal cabinet
Land Reform Act being amended
Niaz not for leasing land to MNCs
Corporate farming policy opposed

Corporate farming is first and foremost about making a profit. Corporations almost always use what is termed the conventional agricultural methods, that have mostly developed since World War II, on large tracts of consecutive farmlands.

The Modern Face Of Farming In The UK
John Hutchinson

FEW nations have seen such enormous changes in their farming industry as the United Kingdom. Recent decades have not only brought farmers more than their fair share of drought and flood but also powerful new pressures on their livelihoods that their grandfathers, 50 years ago, could never have imagined.

Farm Technology Changing Agriculture
Lucas Shivers

Hi-tech systems offer tractors that operate without drivers No one is denying that technology is changing the face of the world. Tomorrow's technology will bring sweeping changes to every industry, including agriculture, and may one day make it possible to conduct business and control production without a great deal of human labor.

The pros and cons of corporate farming
The half-cooked idea of corporate farming has received special attention of the present regime, but it has evoked more fears than hopes among farmers.  Corporate farming still remains a theory for both the government as well as farmers. None of the two parties concerned are sure as to what would be the final shape of the plan.

Corporate farming question
Grave concern is being expressed over the haste with which the government is moving to introduce corporate farming in the country. Brushing aside all objections to what is a highly controversial proposal, the government seems determined to rush through amendments in the Constitution that would allow foreign individuals and corporations to own an unlimited amount of land for this purpose.

Political economy of corporate farming
World food industry's US$2 trillion annual turnover is bringing back transnational companies to the agriculturally rich and fertile lands. This old hunger and lust of the corporate companies for insatiable profit can prove lethal for the poor peasants of our country if appropriate and comprehensive measures are not taken timely by the concerned circles.

Sweeping changes in Land Reforms Act soon
The govt plans to introduce 17 sweeping amendments in the Land Reforms Act 1977 before October polls. The Land Reforms Act was approved during the late Zulfikar Ali Bhutto government.

Government Policy Package for CAF
Government Policy Package for Corporate Agriculture Farming (CAF) is a matter of great controversy within the government circles, civil society organizations and small farmer groups. Its advocates claim that the policy will bring foreign investors, latest machinery and new methods of cultivation in the country. This will not only enhance agricultural production but the improvement in quality as well.

The Natural Way of Farming
When we create a garden and are mindful of the plants growing in it, we ourselves grow from being in closer contact with the same natural cycles affecting the plants. The budding flower unfurls its spring banner before us, the heavy fruit heralds the end of a growing season and the withered stalk whispers of seasons past and yet to come.

Maximising agri output through corporate farming
Agriculturally developed countries have gained much by resorting to corporate farming. Pakistan, although an agricultural country basically, has not so far taken any concrete step in this direction despite realisation of its benefits.

Little words, very little actions
WSSD was hijacked by free trade talks, a backward-looking, insular and ignorant US administration and its friends in Japan, Canada, Australia and OPEC, a confused EU, and the global corporations.

Corporate farming plan opposed
The Punjab Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party (PCMKF) has strongly condemned the proposal to introduce agriculture corporate farming (CAF), arguing that it will strengthen the US multi-national corporation.

Government Plan
The federal Ministry of Food Agriculture & Livestock (MINFAL) has identified specific fields of agriculture sector of the country with a view to attracting foreign as well as local investors.

Incentive package for corporate farming
Corporate agri-farming has been granted status of an industry by the government under a new package of incentives. The package opens a window for foreign investment in agriculture sector of the country.

The Potential of Corporate Agriculture Farming
Board of investment gives statistics and data to lure investment in to Corporate Farming.

Corporate farming; An Analysis
THE Federal Minister for Food and Agriculture, Khair Muhammad Junejo, has recounted the advantages that would accrue, if an agricultural country like Pakistan were to adopt corporate farming, and has disclosed that the government has decided to go ahead with the scheme.

The Quaid on corporate farming
The Quaid-i-Azam had, even before the establishment of Pakistan, declared to eliminate this evil from the society. But it is strange that Pakistani rulers, in spite of their claims of following the ideas of the Quaid, not only supported it but also provided legal cover to it in one form or the other.

Corporate farming vs land reforms
The frequently talked of, but much-feared by, landless farmers is the corporate farming which is to become a reality in Sindh. That is not to be the outcome of a federal agricultural policy , although the centre has been subscribing to it. But it is the outcome of the initiative taken by reformers whose leaders are ministers in the federal and the Sindh government.

Corporate farming; Spelling disaster for Farming community ?
It is difficult to agree with the federal government's plan to introduce corporate agriculture farming as its negative aspects far outweigh its finer points.

Corporate farming or corporate greed?
The remedy our government is proposing--under the trade liberalisation regime--is to hand over our food production to TNCs. In other words, if our farmers cannot afford to eat bread, why don't they eat cakes?;


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