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!Biotechnology on one hand offers significant opportunities to enhance agricultural productivity and food security through disease-resistant varieties of plants and animals.
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National Commission on Biotechnology

The government has set up a National Biotechnology Commission to evolve a national policy and action plan for the promotion of biotechnology in the country.

National Biotechnology Commission - to be headed by Dr Anwar Nasim, Advisor on Science to COMSTECH, would formulate a national policy and action plan to promote the uses and applications of new biotechnology both in agriculture and health sectors.


Dr. Anwar Naseem
Dr. Anwar Naseem working as Chairman for National Commission on Biotechnology


Digital Divide and Pakistan Agriculture sector

Institutes of Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering in Pakistan



Top Story
A new hope for environment clean up
A new hope for environment clean up

Environment is a treasure of all types of resources. It provides energy in the form of sunlight, a suitable temperature and nutrients for living organisms. In a properly manage ecosystem there is some sort  of balance between living.....Details
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Future of Bt Cotton

No difference in Oil Composition of Conventional Soybean

Importance of Defensive Biological Weapons in Agro-terrorism

Tissue Culture and Horticulture

Environmental Biotechnology Division

BIOTECHNOLOGY An Excellence of Nature

Mango Biotechnology


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Future of Bt Cotton:
Every new technology has its benefits and risks; the benefits associated with the use of transgenic crops include:....

Agric biotechnology leads to prosperity

Biotechnology is a cutting edge technology that has the potential to lead to economic prosperity especially in the rural areas for a country like Pakistan - predominantly an agriculture economy. It has the capacity  to revolutionize.....Details

Bt - A weapon against insects

We all know that insects are the well known organisms on the earth. Some insects are beneficial and other are harmful, because it transmitting diseases in plants or eating our cash crops, trees and other plants.....Details

Capacity building in biosafety of GM crops

Pakistan is a basically an agriculture country; this sector is contributing round about 25 percent to GDP, employing 50% of labor force, and earning a large share of foreign exchange earnings. Most of the population.....Details

New horizons for stem-cell science

The stem-cell technique is a tool of biotechnology and genetic engineering which has recently generated tremendous excitement among medical and research communities who hope to benefit from this technology.....Details

Biosafety protocol on international trade enter into force
The Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety is a protocol under the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), which was adopted in January 2000, enter into force on 11 September.

Biotechnology in plant breeding
The purpose of this presentation is to introduce high-tech farming techniques to grow new, high value, and cash crops for Pakistan...

Alternative Crops for Pak & Bio-Ag Tech.
The purpose of this presentation is to introduce high-tech farming techniques to grow new, high value, and cash crops for Pakistan...

Mango Biotechnology
Enthusiasm for planned hybridization effected by means of hand pollination. However, in recent years, improvements......

How Do You Make A Transgenic Plant?
The underlying reason that transgenic plants can be constructed is the universal presence of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid)......

Genetically Engineered Agric. for Plastic Production
When the subject is genetically engineered crops, whether used for food, plastics, or specifically designed to produce.....

Bio-Technology : Environmental Benefits
Biotechnology is used to strengthen a crop's own ability to defend itself against destructive insects, reducing........


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