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Company Spotlight


Monsanto is a leading provider of agricultural solutions to farmers worldwide to help secure future of agriculture. The future that is driven by the growing need of food and fiber to keep up with an expanding world population, more nutritious diet, and increase spendable income.

Our leading position in the use of genomics and biotechnology – for the development of more productive seeds with enhanced traits – enables us to help move agriculture from the chemical era into the biological era. This change will let farmers produce crops more efficiently, and in ways that are more environmentally friendly.

On Nov. 29, 1901, John F. Queeny founded Monsanto Chemical Works in St. Louis, Missouri, United States to manufacture what was then a leading-edge product – saccharin. And, named it after the family name of his wife. Now a century later, the people of Monsanto Company around the globe cherish its 100-year heritage of innovation, acquisition and growth.

Monsanto came to Pakistan on October 01, 1998, by acquiring Cargill’ International seed’ operations in Asia along with Central and South America and Europe. During that period, Monsanto also acquired DEKALB Genetics and Asgrow business worldwide, giving Pakistan an access to wide range of superior genetics.

Monsanto Worldwide
We have 14,700 people committed to delivering value for our customers and shareholders, and dedicated to delivering on our promises consistently. We also have a strong global marketing infrastructure in place to offer our new technologies and products. Monsanto operates in the following regions around the globe:






Central America


South America

United States of America

Business Purpose and Mission

Our Vision: Our Mission: Our Operating Principles:

Abundant Food and a Healthy Environment


For the world's food producers, we work to deliver products and solutions to help them reach their goals in ways that:

·  Meet the world's growing food and fiber needs
·  Conserve natural resources
·  Improve the environment. By serving our customers, we serve our shareholders.

Taking ownership of our company's success

Delivering the highest quality products and technology

Building strong relationships

Creating a great place to work

Conducting ourselves with integrity

The New Monsanto Pledge
We recognize and take seriously our responsibility to steward the technologies and products that we introduce. The most visible sign of our commitment to this responsibility is The New Monsanto Pledge. The Pledge is a series of five principles: dialogue, transparency, respect, sharing and benefits. Together, they summarize our policies about our participation in the development of new solutions for agriculture.

Monsanto in Pakistan
We have a strong core business in Pakistan based on DEKALB and Asgrow seed brands and the family of Roundup herbicide and other crop protection products, backed by well spread marketing infrastructure to reach farmers through out Pakistan. Monsanto takes pride in being the first life science Company in Pakistan to invest in all essential components of seed business, such as research, production, processing, quality assurance and developing a viable marketing infrastructure. 

Monsanto deals with highest quality proprietary Corn, Sunflower and Forage Sorghum hybrid seeds. As part of a commitment, Monsanto is the only multinational that is producing and marketing Wheat, Cotton and Rice certified seeds.

Seed Quality Perception

Monsanto kept higher seed quality standards than the official standard to add value. Continuous improvement and consistency in seed quality is now comparable with any developed country.

Yield Revolution

Monsanto has the distinction of successfully launching single-cross corn hybrids that consistently exhibited yield beyond 10 MT per Ha. This yield has been over 300% higher than the national average.

Customer Requirements

Regular use of Market Research and surveys enable us to understand customer requirements and to develop and improve our products and services to match the changing trends.

Farm Inputs

Roundup® is a broad-spectrum, non-selective, systemic herbicide that provides unparalleled weed
control. The unique formulation of Roundup® kills weeds completely in all use situations. This makes Roundup® the most effective weed-management solution for rice, wheat and other crops. Roundup® is also a critical in crop weed-management tool in coffee and tea plantations, waterways, airports, railways, sugarcane, cotton, etc., or just about any place where undesired vegetation grows. Roundup® has an excellent environmental and animal toxicity profile. It can be used in many environmentally sensitive areas and around or over water bodies with no adverse effect to humans, animals or the environment.
Roundup® Dry
Roundup® Dry is the product of choice in any situation requiring control of unwanted vegetation around the globe. Roundup® Dry is a non – volatile, water soluble Product with non – selective herbicidal activity against annual and Perennial broad leaf weeds and grasses in crop land systems and in non – crop land areas. Roundup® dry is absorbed by plant foliage and green stems. Roundup® dry moves through the plant from the point of contact to and in to the root system. Visible effects on annual weeds take 7 – 10 days but on perennial weeds may not be obvious for 2 –3 weeks or longer in some cases. Roundup® Dry will control emerged weeds only, and provides no residual weed control. It is inactivated immediately in soil after spraying. 

Machete® is a leading rice herbicide. Machete® gives excellent control of many grasses, sedges,
and broad-leaved weeds such as Echinochloa crusgalli, Digitaria sanguinalis, and Cyperus iria.

Harness® Xtra 5.6L
Harness® Xtra 5.6L is a post plant pre-emergent herbicide for control of annual and broad leafed weeds in grain corn, production seed corn, silage corn and pop corn.

Harness® Xtra 5.6L is applied to the soil surface immediately following planting or prior to the germination of weeds and corn. As the weeds germinate and grow through the layer of Harness ® Xtra 5.6L they absorb chemical and die.

One application of Harness® Xtra 5.6L at the rate of 800 ml/acre with a well calibrated knapsack / boom sprayer fitted with flat fan nozzle will provide weed control through crop closure.

Leader® is a new generation wheat herbicide, which assures season-long isoproturon resistant Phalaris minor and broad-leaved weed control while ensuring crop safety and higher yield. Trials conducted at University of Agriculture Faisalabad have shown tremendous control of Phalaris and the yield has increased by 5-15 mnds/ha.

Monsanto Community initiatives
As a responsible corporate citizen, Monsanto has launched a community outreach initiative. This program is a success because it responds to the natural desire of Monsanto's family of employees to give something back to the communities, in which we live and work. While the money and resources provided through this program are important, the real value lies in the personal commitment of time and energy invested in the program by each of our team members.

Our employees take responsibility for visiting villages located even in the remotest of areas, meeting with the locals, assessing needs, and then following up by distributing the supplies provided by the program.

One such effort has materialized in the shape of a model village and a new school building in a village adjacent to our research center in Manga Mandi. The village’ population consist of impoverished laborers, unable to raise their standard of living and provide education to their children on their own. The so-called school in that village did not have an appropriate building; boys’ students were accommodated in the local mosque and girls had to put up in the courtyard of a house belonged to a widow.

Monsanto employees identified their needs and provided necessary supplies such as school bags and notebooks to the students. And, invited Punjab Rural Support Program (PRSP) – an organization that is actively involved in various community development projects, to witness the plight of the inhabitants of that village. They willingly agreed to undertake this village as a Model Village Project on one condition that the local community would also contribute 20% of the project cost. Monsanto negotiated with the locals and one Mr. Bhatti graciously donated a plot for the new school building, to whom, Monsanto employees volunteered to pay 25% cost of the land. Later on, when the project of model village was undertaken and locals were unable to pay 20% of the project cost as their participation, Monsanto once again came forward and offered to pay the same.          

By the grace of Allah Almighty, the Model Village Project is now complete; and now PRSP has allocated funds for the school building, which is due to start from the 3rd quarter of year 2002. Monsanto would like to acknowledge the dynamism of Dr. Amjad Saqib (Director Punjab Rural Support Program). His personal commitment to this project and his team’s efforts for providing resources and supervising the project has indeed changed the life of the inhabitants of Warra Khambanwala forever - an excellent example of cooperation between an NGO, private sector and local community, an effort that is worth imitating for others.

Contact Information:

Monsanto Pakistan AgriTech (pvt) Ltd.
6-Old Muslim Town,
P.O. Box No. 10148
Lahore, Pakistan.
Tel: 0092-42-5865217 / 5223803 / 5868800
Fax: 0092-42-583441

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